Our Organisation

SGL are a multi-national company with branch offices in the United Kingdom, Australia and United Arab Emirates and representative offices in India and Brazil.

The company began trading as SGL Systems in Scotland in 1984. It originated as a small, specialist manufacturer of fire dampers for the North Sea market. In 1994, current directors Stephen Lee and Paul Taylor established the company Burgundy Green in Perth, Western Australia, which acted as the Australasian agent for SGL Systems as well as manufacturing SGL equipment under licence. In 2003, Burgundy Green purchased SGL Systems, rebranding both companies to become SGL Systems International.

Since then, our core strategy has been sustained growth of the business by listening to client needs and establishing firm and lasting relationships built on delivering quality product and service.

Turnkey Project Management and the implementation of Quality and Safety Management Systems ensure the timely completion of all project deliverables. SGL Systems is committed to meeting and indeed exceeding World’s Best Practice in formulating engineering solutions, and we are committed to delivering excellence in everything we undertake.

 The SGL Systems International Philosophy

Our commitment to you is total. This means we ask the right questions, listen closely, evaluate technical challenges, think laterally and provide complete, holistic solutions rather than just acting in a consulting role. Success requires knowledge, experience, smart engineering and innovation. But the key is not just our technical ability, it is our people – because it is only through our people that can we harness our capabilities and not only meet your requirements, but exceed them.

We believe that by investing in, supporting and valuing our people, they’ll be empowered to continuously deliver improvements in service to you. When we see our team’s efforts producing world class outcomes, it is extremely inspiring and satisfying. We are passionate about what we do – and nothing else is acceptable.

Building Client Relationships

It is easy to promise a quality product, but you only need to have one link in the chain fail and quality will suffer.  That’s why we place such importance on the human element.  While our products and services are driven by engineering, ours’ is a ‘people business’.  And since partnering means developing and maintaining personal relationships, nurturing partnerships is a significant focus at all levels of our organisation. We know we are only as good as our last project, and that the last impression we leave behind is the one we’ll carry forward to the next level of work we undertake for our clients.

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